Life is beautiful.
Road to Graduation

This is it. 

Well, I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I can’t believe it, I’m on to my last year of college. I’m submitting my application for graduation tomorrow. I look back and I realize there are things I should be proud of myself. Fine, I might not be on the Honor’s Roll anymore but I can also say that I am not just your typical university student. A student leader and someone who has represented my university on a national scale, I can say that I’m not doing a bad job.

My thesis? Honestly, that has to be the most stressing thing about graduating. Our thesis adviser is supportive and really knows our topic since he is a lawyer. Oh, our topic is the impacts of RA 10368 or the Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 on Martial Law Claimants. Deep stuff huh? Trust me, it gets to me too. 

CommSoc which is the academic organization of the Mass Communication Department is my second love. I never realized leadership and stewardship felt so good. Recently, we won the best booth at this year’s Recruitment Week. We are also blessed to have a department chair and moderator who is supportive even with his busy schedule. Sir Lester, if you ever find my blog (which I highly doubt), thank you for the support you have given to CommSoc! CommSoc loves you! 

Anyways, a lot of drama has happened. I’ll be frank: I lost friends, I made new ones and I probably have a list of things I simply cannot tolerate but hey, that’s life. 

To my dear followers, I humbly ask to nclude me in your prayers that I will be able to graduate this March 2015. Every wish and prayer counts. 

This is it. Make it or break it. 

No turning back. 

So, we broke up. 

I think I actually want cry.

A New Chapter

I never thought this day would come. Needless to say, I guess that’s what we all say with the beautiful things in life. For the first time, I felt that horrible feeling when after you put down your walls for someone, they come in and smash your heart into pieces. 

I’ll be okay. Being twenty, I am very much aware of the risks you put yourself up against when you enter a relationship. After a long period of understanding and trying to accept, it is difficult because you can’t change someone. When you try to change your significant other, I guess it’s just not love anymore. 

I wish you all the best. I know this is not a farewell but a temporary goodbye. I could write so much more but then I said everything I could that night. All those dreams, all those hopes, all those ambitions, I bid farewell to.

I think this is all coming to an end. The worst part? Seeing it crumble in front of your very eyes.

(c) Jaimee Calupitan 

Perks of being 20: Not a girl, not yet a woman 

15 year olds telling me how to live life



Things to Do
  • Start re writing Chapters 1 and 2 because you know, thesis why you gotta be a heartbreaker
  • Make storyboard for Communication Society AVP 
  • Be awesome

Almost the End and A New Beginning

Hi, I am  life-isbeautiful. Well, used to be. I don’t think I need to introduce myself anymore but let’s just say that if you know my URL, you’ll know who I am.

Back then, I promised to keep life-isbeautiful until I grew old but then I realized, my blog was losing its purpose. It was no longer my safe haven because I knew someone would always to look back at my past. Anyways, I have been gone for a long time. Let’s just say, I went out there and experiences the cold and warm realities of life. I’ll tell you, it’s a hard world out there but it is not cruel. 

Two years ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday. Wow, twenty already? It only seemed like yesterday when I started off this blog as a fifteen year old. Five years? Where did it all go? I guess this would call me an adult but I like to believe that by the age of sixteen, I grew up too fast. Fell in love too quickly, got into university earlier than I should have, kissed someone I shouldn’t have and trusted people I should not have.

Despite all the shortcomings and mistakes, I feel like I’m growing into a more mature and wiser person. Twenty is the new thirty? Ha, I don’t know about that. 

In terms of university, I’ve started my thesis and going on to my senior year of university. FINALLY! I”m sure you all know how long I’ve been awaiting this moment. I am also the President of the college’s Communication Society as well as the college’s spokesperson for the Metro Manila Ailliance of Communication Students. With these achievements, I am so humbled and grateful. In terms of grades, this semester was so hard but I’m glad I passed Communication Research (aka: the hardest subject ever) with just an inch: 76. Sadly, I along with my whole class did not pass TV Pr

oduction due to a student’s shortcoming, affecting the whole class. Admittedly, I’m still bitter but ‘m trying to not let it get to me. I hope everything goes well in the end. 

With my relationship with Carlo, we’re hanging in there. We’ve been together for two years and two months. Who would have known, right? I’ll admit though, it has been tremendously difficult. Expectations and the distance. It breaks my heart and I’ve thought of just giving up but I guess we’re both hanging on but it’s hard when you know you’re just hanging onto a cliff. Want to know a lame thing though? I guess I want to marry him, if he asked me. But then, I’d only say yes if I saw a better and mature man. If that is the case, now is definitely not the time. We’ll see. We’ll never know for sure huh? I’ll tell you another thing though, love is not like how you see it in KDramas or the movies. (laugh) 

I’ve also been organization and attending a lot of events. I’ve been immersed in volunteer and extra curricular work. I’ve been out. It’s almost June again meaning another school year. Time to get on that productivity grind. 

Oh and guess what? I got my dream internship! I am working for a magazine under One Mega Group called Lifestyle Asia. I’ve been writing for them and it is an amazing feeling. I know I’m not a brilliant writer but I know that one day, I’ll get there. I’m also starting my internship with Manila Bulletin in May. (dances) 


It has been a tiring year so far and we’re not even halfway. Time, where did you go? How about you? How have you been?


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